About Smallz

It was not what one would expect to come about from browsing Craigslist on a whim, but what came from that browse was far more than anyone anticipated. What came that spring day in 2012 was far more than a musical group called Smallz the Cat. It was far more than the brand of Smallz the Cat. Far more than the cartoon series that is in gestation and even more than the logo’s and T-shirts. What came about in spring of 2012 was a friendship that inspires the masses bringing reprieve and a different mode of thinking brought about by people’s listening to the lyrics of Smallz the Cat and relating to the unique and talented individuals who comprise the post-punk band.

Smallz the Cat is comprised of Phee on vocals and Nick on Bass.  

Smallz the Cat has since written over 30 original songs, conceptualized and story boarded an original cartoon series starring Smallz, recorded tracks for upcoming album Didly Big and played 15 live shows including two festivals within their first year of performing.

Smallz the Cat is currently undergoing internal restructuring. 

We will be back on stage and in the world before you even know it!

For more information, please contact at smallzthecat@gmail.com.




Smallz the Cat will not be playing Broomstock this year due to its present state of restructuring. 

There's a new Smallz in town... 


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